The Reign of Zidane

He’s the man of the moment. Zinedine Zidane takes charge at Real Madrid, becoming the youngest manager in twenty years, the latest chapter in an extraordinary career. From World Cup glory to infamy, Champions League wonder goals, to documentaries, Zizou is a legend of the game.

The Galactic Football League

The force is strong in this one. Dublin designer Philip Slattery has created these stunning Star Wars football kits in time for the release of the new movie. Impressive, most impressive.

He is Zlatan

Ireland will open their Euro 2016 campaign against Sweden in the Stade de France on June 13. All eyes will be on their mercurial frontman, the main threat we must snuff out. Reposting from Póg Mo Goal magazine #1, He is Zlatan.

Five Footballers to Look Out For in 2016

Predicting the next set of starlets to make the grade can leave any writer with egg on their face – as those hyping the likes of Francis Jeffers and Freddy Adu in years gone by will testify. But this golden group of five has already achieved plenty in the game, and they look set for big things in 2016.

Santos: “Euro Glory for Irish Dream Team”

He is the Indonesian visionary who has foreseen the Republic’s triumph at Euro 2016. Four years ago a premonition of the colour green came to his mind and he was convinced glory awaited Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland. That was an error that will be put right in France. Dwi Santos, who correctly predicted Greece’s win in 2004 and believes he possesses a sixth sense, talks exclusively to Póg Mo Goal.

Barcelona at 116

FC Barcelona were founded on this day in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English and Catalans after an ad was placed by Hans Gamper in Los Deportes newspaper looking for players. They has grown to become one of the biggest sports teams in the world boasting the motto: “Més que un club” (More than a club).