Bruno Rodrigues

The Ascension of Messi

It was thanks to Angel Di María and his goal that Argentina and their divine superstar could finally touch glory at the Copa America. By Bruno Rodrigues from Póg Mo Goal Issue 7.

The Colour of Protest

The iconic Brazilian football shirt became a symbol in the divisive political climate and the Presidential election. Repost from Póg Mo Goal Issue 6 by Bruno Rodrigues.

El Tatuaje de Dios – The Tattoo of God

Covering the war in Ukraine, two South American journalists were accused of spying for Russia until a police officer spotted a familiar face inked on the leg of the Argentinian cameraman, writes Bruno Rodrigues.

Pelé’s most beautiful goal

It was at Rua Javari that Pelé scored what is considered, even by himself, his most beautiful goal among more than a thousand he recorded over the course of his career. There’s no footage of it, not even seconds of video, just a photo that shows ‘The King of Football’ heading the ball to the back of the net.

A different kind of Juventus

Why would a team called Juventus sport the colours of their fierce rivals, and what have they got to do with the most beautiful goal from the game’s greatest ever player? Brazilian journalist Bruno Rodrigues takes a trip to Sao Paulo.

Lucas Pratto, a man of (strange) faith

Brazilian side São Paulo’s Lucas Pratto would look more at home on a rugby pitch than a football field but on a journey that’s taken him from South America to Italy and back again, he’s developed some odd superstitions, writes Brazilian journalist Bruno Rodrigues.