League of Ireland

Having a Domestic: Reap What Eu Sow

DESPITE the virtual collapse of full-time football here, Irish clubs may never have a better opportunity than now to make the European breakthrough. The draws for next season’s cup competitions have put the group stages of the Champions League and Europa League within sight of Ireland’s participants.

Having a Domestic: Silverware or Survival?

IT’S the start of a new season of Airtricity League football. All over Ireland, clubs will be hoping that this is their season – but will they all still be there this time 12 months?

Having a Domestic: Ireland’s Got Talent

THE NEW season kicks off on Friday and mirroring the state of the nation’s finances, an age of austerity has dawned on the League of Ireland.

Just like the property bubble, full-time professional football here is now a thing of the past.