The Brazil Series

Corinthian Spirit

It was a 1910 tour to Brazil by English side Corinthian FC which inspired the creation of Sao Paulo giants Corinthians, by enthusiastic locals. 105 years later, the English outfit’s modern-day descendants Corinthian-Casuals returned to South America to commemorate that first game in front of 26,000 fans

Training Ground Invaders Part of Brazil’s Brilliant Copa

Despite the concerns over protests, this has been a wonderful World Cup so far because of the Brazilians and their love of football. It seems each day, training sessions are interrupted by pitch invaders wanting to get close to their heroes, whether it’s Lionel Messi or the Seleção and the players seem happy to oblige.

Neymar, Portrait of the Artist

He’s the darling of the Brazilian national team and the poster-boy for a host nation desperately in need of a World Cup good news story. In Europe, they question if he deserves the hype after a difficult first year at Barcelona but his personality is at odds with the reputation that preceded him. As we saw in last year’s Confederations Cup, Neymar Jr could be about to light up the tournament and live up to the legend that it seems has already been created for him.

O Canarinho: The Most Iconic Shirt in History

Known ‘O Canarinho’ The Little Canary, it is one of the most iconic images in sport. Yellow flashing with blue on bronzed skin, dancing, darting, with a ball moving like paint strokes. Zig-zags, turns, pass, pass pass. Brazil. The cradle of football. Movers. Masters. The jersey of the Selecao epitomises soccer and the World Cup, and when the tournament kicks off in Sao Paulo on June 12, millions will wear the beloved shirt in a nation besotted with the beautiful game. And yet, the garment wouldn’t exist – certainly not in its current form – without the devastation of Brazil’s loss in the 1950 World Cup final and the subsequent imagination of a 19-year-old from the city of Pelotas.

End of the World: Brazil Falling Out of Love

In the bairro of Santa Margarida near Campo Grande on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, the locals are busy tying yellow paper decorations to span across the streets of the neighbourhood. But this time something is different. Read the latest installment of the Brazil Series.

Ireland and the 1950 Brazil Rejection

When Sepp Blatter ridiculed Ireland’s rather embarrassing request to be installed as the 33rd team at the World Cup in South Africa, it was in stark contrast to what had happened 60 years earlier. Ahead of the 1950 finals, also in Brazil, FIFA were faced with a mass exodus of nations with just 13 teams eventually pitching up by the Copacabana. Back then it was the world governing body pleading with Ireland to participate. Incredibly we refused, and wouldn’t appear at the finals for another four decades. Read why in the latest installment of The Brazil Series, a collection of articles inspired by the world’s greatest footballing cradle.

F#ck FIFA, Brazil’s Graffiti Messages

We’re unlikely to see marches on the same scale as last year’s Confederations Cup though violent demonstrations have been increasing in Brazil in recent weeks. But a more peaceful form of protest is still as noticeable – and perhaps just as powerful – throughout the World Cup host nation brought about by Brazil’s graffiti artists.

Graffiti Artists Os Gêmeos’ Brazil Team Plane

Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gêmeos were commissioned to spray paint the national team’s airplane for use during the World Cup. Using 1200 cans, the twin brothers converted the plane that will carry Neymar and co. into a flying piece of art.

Zico’s Birthday Marked by Carnival Tribute

In 1981, the legendary Zico almost single-handedly took Liverpool apart in the Intercontinental Cup final in Japan. This week, the Brazilian turned 61 and he could think of no greater honour than having an entire samba school pay tribute to his career during Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival.