Adidas Boot-and-Sock-in-One

Adidas Primeknit FS Boot

Apparently this is real.  Having already released the world’s first knitted football boot, Adidas have come up with an all-in-one boot and sock combo, the Primeknit FS

Just as with the Samba Primeknit, the Primeknit FS is engineered from a single yarn to give a seamless, bespoke feel.

According to, boots with a sock built in offer “an ‘all-in-one’ fit from toe to calf, that is engineered to offer stretch in some zones and less in others, accommodating the ergonomics of the foot.”


The boot/sock combo has previously been used in American Football footwear. Adidas claim the removal of laces gives the purest possible touch on the ball and captures the feel of striking barefoot.

The design is merely at a concept stage but is set for testing and retail release later this year.

Below outlines Adidas’ primeknit tehcnology.

Video: adidas

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