David Luiz

Neymar’s Hospital Arrival

Brazil’s World Cup hopes have been rocked with the news that Neymar has been ruled out of the rest of the tournament after a serious back injury. The striker’s arrival at the hospital in Fortaleza was met by large numbers of Brazilian fans. The Selecao themselves were accused of rough-house tactics in their win over Colombia but David Luiz won back some admirers telling James Rodriguez in a post-match interview “You are already a world champion.”

Training Ground Invaders Part of Brazil’s Brilliant Copa

Despite the concerns over protests, this has been a wonderful World Cup so far because of the Brazilians and their love of football. It seems each day, training sessions are interrupted by pitch invaders wanting to get close to their heroes, whether it’s Lionel Messi or the Seleção and the players seem happy to oblige.