Pichações: The Streets Against the World Cup

As the World Cup in Brazil comes to an end without the predicted large-scale protests, there’s been a subtle but consistent message visible on the streets, as photo-journalist Gabriel Uchida has documented.

F#ck FIFA, Brazil’s Graffiti Messages

We’re unlikely to see marches on the same scale as last year’s Confederations Cup though violent demonstrations have been increasing in Brazil in recent weeks. But a more peaceful form of protest is still as noticeable – and perhaps just as powerful – throughout the World Cup host nation brought about by Brazil’s graffiti artists.

Graffiti Artists Os Gêmeos’ Brazil Team Plane

Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gêmeos were commissioned to spray paint the national team’s airplane for use during the World Cup. Using 1200 cans, the twin brothers converted the plane that will carry Neymar and co. into a flying piece of art.