English Readers Join Giles High Club

PROMOTING his new autobiography, living legend John Giles tells London’s Evening Standard that modern managers are bullying referees.

“Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger play mind games. And Jose Mourinho. Terrible behaviour. Mind games didn’t make Ferguson a great manager. The mind games are just bully-boy tactics meant to influence the referees. Ferguson is probably better than anybody else if you call it better.”

The television pundit also recalls some fascinating tales about his own decorated career in the English game and defends his reputation as a hard player.

“Eddie (McCreadie) tackled me and did my knee ligaments. I thought, I can’t go on like this. This is my living and I’m in the jungle. I decided, if I’m going to survive in the jungle, I’m going to be a lion rather than a lamb.”

He also tells the story of facing George Best in a Cup semi-final and learning that El Beatle had been caught before the game with one of the maids in the bedroom.

“This really infuriated me. George was the best, absolute genius. His womanising was to our benefit. But I thought Georgie was really letting down the game. I was raging with Georgie so I tried to kick him and said, You’re supposed to be a f***ing professional’. And, of course, Georgie being Georgie misunderstood it and rubbed his fingers together as if to say, I have loads of money’. This made me madder still and so I really kicked him this time, ripping his socks and leaving him on the ground.”

John Giles – A Football Man

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