Happy Birthday Big Mick

mick mccarthy dugout

Today’s is former Captain Fantastic Mick McCarthy’s 55th birthday. In honour of his post-match outburst after Ipswich’s game with Leeds, here’s some memorable quotes from the ex-Ireland boss.

“Some people might be frustrated with that result? Some people can f*** off.”

“At the moment we’ve got 16 first team players. My initials stand for Mick McCarthy, not Merlin the Magician”

“If anybody’s not happy, write to me at go and get yourself fettled.com”

“What I learned from Jack  – ensure that you’re all inside the tent pissing out and get rid of any fellow who’s outside the tent pissing in.”

“I never thought we’d get beat. I never ever thought we’d get beat and they (Italy) were asked to come and play against the Republic which was a lovely situation. And we weren’t that far away to be honest. We weren’t a million miles away from beating them.”

“You can’t remember how it felt at the time. I only know what it means to me now being captain. It was something that gave me a lot of pleasure and something that I get a lot of pride out of.”

“I have never had to listen to such foul-mouthed abuse from any footballer in any dressing room or any meeting room. I have never witnessed such an attack from any human being in any walk of life.”

“Everyone has been telling us all week what a big game it was. You want to try sitting in that dug-out when your backside’s on the bacon slicer.”

“No regrets, none at all. My only regret is that we went out on penalties. That’s my only regret. But no, no regrets.”

“I was in the hot-seat and I loved it. We went from 59th to 13th in the world and we went out in the last 16 of the World Cup on penalties. We were successful.”

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