Come On You Boys In Green





It was the worst of times. Ireland didn’t qualify for the World Cup. Some fans solemnly shook their heads. Some shed a single solitary tear. Some sunk to their knees, pummelled their chests and looked to the heavens bellowing ’NOOOOOOOOOOOO’. And then, they moved on with life.

Not Atomic. They’re green to the core. And they’re not letting another World Cup go by without supporting the boys in green. Any boys in green. Atomic have designed 4 special edition commemorative posters declaring their support for Nigeria, Cameroon, Mexico and Algeria.

Nailing their green colours to the mast a crack team was dispatched in the Atomic office helicopter (thanks NRC taxis) to hand deliver a message of support along with a special run of the posters. Despite the crack team of designers having more experience with embossing than embassies, they were successful. At the Nigerian Embassy, Head of Design, Stephen Kiernan met with Minister Umar A. Abba, Head of Chancery. Newly arrived designer Dylan Mac Kay met with Franciso E. Romero, Deputy Head of Mission, and Rene Moreno at the Mexican Embassy.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these limited edition posters get in touch with us on or via twitter on @atomic_dublin.


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