Rugby Football Union

From Póg Mo Goal Issue 7. One of Ireland’s most gifted rugby players also graced the pitches of the League of Ireland.

“I’m not going to the f*cking White House

US icon Megan Rapinoe taking on Donald Trump represented a new generation of sports stars prepared to address issues beyond the white lines of the football pitch. From Póg Mo Goal Issue 7.

CAN she kick it?

When Ireland face Canada in their second Group B game at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Perth, they’ll be coming up against the player with the most goals in history. From Póg Mo Goal Issue 8.

Pressure, Courage, and the Irish MVP

As the Irish women’s football team prepares to take their bow on the global stage, one player has been blazing her own trail for club and country. Re-posting from Póg Mo Goal Issue 8 by former Irish international Seana Cooke.

Greener on the other side

Home-grown managers were largely ignored in Ireland until Brian Kerr guided underage teams to Europe’s summit earning a too short-lived stay at the top of the Irish football pyramid. From Póg Mo Goal Issue 7.

From Dublin to Turin

As a new documentary charts the extraordinary career of Liam Brady, here we post our profile from Issue 6 of one of the greatest Irish players ever to play the game.

The Islander Who Sunk England

USA defeating England at the 1950 World Cup is one of football’s all-time greatest upsets but the scorer of the goal, Haitian immigrant Joe Gaetjens, would meet a tragic end in his homeland. From Póg Mo Goal Issue 8.

Romania Must Dye

Romania’s side of the 1990s was dubbed their ‘Golden Generation’ appearing at three consecutive World Cups in ‘90,’94, and ’98. But it was the team that lined out in France that stood out for more aesthetically hair-raising reasons. From Póg Mo Goal Issue 7.

Rainbow Nations

With several countries declaring their captains will wear the One Love armband at the World Cup in Qatar, here’s a brief history of the symbol of solidarity and protest, from Póg Mo Goal Issue 7.