Crest Love: #11 – San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes revealed a new logo ahead of the the 2014 MLS campaign and the 40 year anniversary of the club. The shape of the shield represents the tradition and heritage of the world’s most popular sport. The most striking element of the new design is the graphic representation of the Earth’s shifting tectonic plates. Called the impact pattern, it is used in the branding of the website and other areas of the identity of the Earthquakes and is also featured on the new shirt for the California-based club.

The ball sits on an axis which is a direct influence of the original logo from the NASL days. The 1974 date in red reflects the colour of the shirts worn by San Jose back in the glitzy days of the era when Pele, Beckenbauer, Best and co. graced the North American Soccer League and also the original 1996 San Jose Clash incarnation of the franchise. A name change back back to the Earthquakes occurred just three years after the MLS launched.

With a new stadium set to be completed in 2015, the club and the future of the league in the United States goes from strength to strength. The classy new Earthquakes logo represents a thoughtful design with a nod to the past and moves away form the gaudy clip-art look of the old logo.

San Jose Eartquakes

San Jose Clash


San_Jose_Earthquakes_logo_1976_1979 copy


San Jose Earthquakes Stadium

One thought on “Crest Love: #11 – San Jose Earthquakes

  1. I really can’t stand the old Earthquakes logo as the shadow 3D effect screams a very heavily male supporter base– “tough,” “manly,” and “indestructible” as those brand attributes with that lettering. The new logo is elegant and modern, and they’ve scored a win with the shifting earth plates, which everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area understands all too well (that would be me!). The diagonal is a fantastic finish.

    The Earthquakes logo is not my favorite MLS logo but they’ve done a fine job here. Nice post.

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