Santos: “Euro Glory for Irish Dream Team”


He is the Indonesian visionary who has foreseen the Republic’s triumph at Euro 2016. Four years ago a premonition of the colour green came to his mind  and he was convinced glory awaited Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland. That was an error that will be put right in France. Dwi Santos, who correctly predicted Greece’s win in 2004 and believes he possesses a sixth sense, talks exclusively to Póg Mo Goal.

santos-psychic1-400x302Santos is a former English teacher from Ambon, Indonesia. Born in Bekasi, near the capital city of Jakarta, his hometown is currently in Purwokerto, Central Java. The avid soccer follower is certain the Republic of Ireland will be crowned European champions, this time because of the colour orange, but he doesn’t know where his ‘power’ comes from.

“I think it is my natural talent. In daily life I also often have a right prediction about things. For example, when I was a student I would feel the teacher was about to ask me a question. And it happened. Other examples are when I’m going out at home, I sometimes can feel who I will meet on the street.”

“I need to make clear about the vision I had. Seeing the orange colour is not actuallly a ‘new dream’ for me. I had this vision a long time ago at the same time I saw the other colours too. I saw them all in 2004, in a single vision. So it was like a slide show of colours with no explanation written there but somehow I was given an understanding that it was all about the Euros. When it showed blue and then brown colour, something revealed to me that it was meant for 2004 and 2008 respectively. Next, it showed green, nothing revealed the year associated with it, but logically I assumed it was for 2012. When it showed orange, something revealed to me again that the colour was meant for 2016. I thought it was for Netherlands”

After Ireland’s disastrous display four years ago, Santos was obviously wrong last time out.

“First, we have to realise that the Euro 2012 result was different from previous tournaments. Here, Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships. As mentioned before, I used my simple logic to interpret the green colour I saw and thought the time must be between 2008 and 2016. But then the fact showed us that the brown colour (Spain) still dominated the championship and won again. If 2016 is occupied by orange then what does green mean? I believe it also belongs to the year 2016 together with the orange colour. European team with green and orange colour? It’s none other than Ireland.”

So, does Santos have any more predictions about who Ireland might play in the tournament or any of our players?

“Despite being aged in their 30s, Robbie Keane and Jon Walters shall play. Their presence is very important for other players. Shane Long, James McClean, Aiden McGeady, and Robbie Brady also shall be counted in. Personally, I would be glad if James McCarthy also got a chance to play in European Championship missing out last time.”

Does he have a favourite Irish player and why?

“My favourite Irish player was Damien Duff because he played as a winger, runs pretty fast, and is a left footed player (like I am). But now he has retired from international football. So I have not really decided my current favourite Irish player. Well, my real favourite ‘player’ in the Irish team is the ’12th player’ who loyally sang to the last minute despite the defeat against Spain 0-4 in Euro 2012.” 

Finally, does Santos have a message for Ireland’s Green Army?

“I just want to say that the Irish fans are one of the most important component of the Irish team. The Boys in Green have shown playing like a team in the qualification phase even defeated the world champion Germany. Here is the key: playing with confidence and never underestimating themselves. The supporters should always remind the players on the field about that.”


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