When Killer Met Keane

Check out a teaser clip of Kevin Kilbane’s interview with former Irish teammate Roy Keane for Saturday’s Football Focus on BBC One. You can also watch RTE’s Tony O’Donoghue interviewing his fellow Corkman where he asks Keane outright if he walked out of the World Cup in Saipan.

Hansen Meets the Next Gary Lineker?

In another great Liverpool video, for ‘Kop Kids’ reporter Finn’s latest task, the youngster stepped into the shoes of Gary Lineker at the ‘Match of the Day’ studio.

Trap’s Fancy Footwork

We’ve finally figured out why Trap never attends football matches on a Saturday in England.

He’s been practicing his own type of fancy footwork.

Beeb’s Thriller; Ireland Just Bad

Here’s the BBC’s Michael Jackson-inspired closing montage to Euro 2012. Unfortunately, Ireland’s contributions were Bad. Now Trap must take a look at the Man in the Mirror. If we’re going to make it to Brazil, Trap and Ireland would Wanna Be Startin Somethin. Can he Heal the World…Cup?

Definitelli Maybe: Noel meets Mario

Noel Gallagher called it the best one-to-one since Frost-Nixon. We think it’s the greatest interview since God spoke to Moses, or Tommie Gorman spoke to Roy Keane. It’s Noel Gallagher and Mario Balotelli from BBC’s Football Focus.