denis Irwin

Fergie Feud Drags in Dependable Denis

In the quite superb Keane & Vieira: Best of Enemies, Roy Keane sings the praises of his former team-mate Denis Irwin and vouches for his inclusion in a best United XI. Recently, Keane’s one time mentor turned nemesis Alex Ferguson repeated his admiration for Roy’s fellow Corkman. But as Diarmuid o hAinle argues, Irwin may have unwittingly gatecrashed a feud involving his former manager and captain.

Alex Ferguson, Uniting Irishmen

A few years ago, Alex Ferguson came to speak to a packed lecture hall in UCD and for the hundreds of students who sat enthralled, regardless of their footballing allegiances, they were united in respect and admiration.

Four Four Two: No Irish Need Apply

While most of the globe celebrates all things Irish in March, Four Four Two made a major boo-boo this month. The normally respected publication dedicated their entire issue to foreign players in the Premier League and omitted all Irish entries.

The Bacon Slicer: “Give it to Denis”

WHEN I was growing up, there used to be two dinner sittings in our house. Before you start having a go about this being very la-di-da, the explanation for this is far from it.