Galvin Klein

Chelsea Show Ponies Off in Style Race

The catwalk that is the Premier League run-in is also the time of year when clubs reveal their 2012/13 Autumn collections. Here’s Chelsea’s new kit and a leaked version of what might be the new Gunner’s number. United and Barca rumoured shirts are there too.

Nike Stick the Boot into Paddy

Nike have scored an Irish own goal this week just in time for Paddy’s Day. The ‘Black & Tan’ trainer has Irish-America kicking up a fuss. Didn’t anyone tell them, “Just Don’t Do It.”

Neymar Launches Brazil Olympic Kit

Neymar, Ganso and Pato launch Brazil’s new kit. It will be worn at the London Olympics. The following phrase is stitched into the green cuffs; ‘Nascido Para Jogar Futebol’ – ‘Born to play football.’ NIIICCCEE!!