Nike Stick the Boot into Paddy

Nike have scored an Irish own goal this week just in time for Paddy’s Day.  The ‘Black & Tan’ trainer has Irish-America kicking up a fuss. Didn’t anyone tell them, “Just Don’t Do It.”

Nike launched the “SB Dunk Low ‘Black & Tan’ trainer but it hasn’t gone down well for the name’s association with the notorious British paramilitary unit. Now they’re waking up to a PR hangover

The footwear, revealed for St. Patrick’s week, has led to a publicity disaster for the clothing giant with one Irish-American lobbyist likening it to ‘calling a shoe the Al Qaeda.’

Credit where it’s due though; only Nike could launch a range of sportswear aimed solely at drinkers. So could it be the footwear of choice for Ireland’s Green Army this summer getting ready to lace up their drinking boots?

The advert reads: “’Tis the season for Irish beer and why not celebrate with Nike? The Black and Tan sneaker takes inspiration for the fine balancing act of a stout on top a pale ale in a pint glass.”

Nike revealed the shoe alongside the basketball-style SB Dunk High Guinness, which has a higher ankle support, presumably, for those who might get a little unsteady on their feet.

The company have since issued an apology and reiterated that no offence was intended.

Frankly, I can accept them saying sorry but I can’t stomach that, like a two day-old pint, the Black and Tan is horrible to look at. It doesn’t appeal to my tastes and I won’t be wearing them with my khaki shorts on the streets of Poland this summer.

Although, the Dunk High Guinness would certainly catch the eye down at the astro-turf pub league. I wore them last week but it took me a while to settle…ahem

I still felt like sh*t the next day too….Jaysus, maybe Nike were on to something.


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