st. patrick’s day

Kop That! Anfield’s Green for Paddy’s Day

Following on from the greening of Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, Liverpool’s famous Kop is also turning emerald to celebrate Ireland’s national day. And manager Brendan Rodgers approves.

Rooney for Ireland: Kai’s the Limit

We missed out on getting Wayne to declare for Ireland but we could be on to a winner with his son Kai Rooney. Wayne’s wife Colleen, who also boasts Irish ancestry, posted a picture of the little fella in an Irish kit on Twitter to wish a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy Birthday Trap

The new Patron Saint of Irish soccer celebrates his 73rd birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s hope he’s leading another parade through Dublin with just as many drunk Irish people on July 2, the day after the Euro 2012 final.

Nike Stick the Boot into Paddy

Nike have scored an Irish own goal this week just in time for Paddy’s Day. The ‘Black & Tan’ trainer has Irish-America kicking up a fuss. Didn’t anyone tell them, “Just Don’t Do It.”