Rooney for Ireland: Kai’s the Limit

We missed out on getting Wayne to declare for Ireland but we could be on to a winner with his son Kai Rooney. Wayne’s wife Coleen, who also boasts Irish ancestry, posted a picture of the little fella in an Irish kit on Twitter to wish a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Coleen, who visited Dublin last week, tweeted over the weekend: ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!! Top of the morning to ya!!!’

Wayne  has often referred to his strong Irish roots with his celtic-cross tattoo, support of Glasgow Celtic FC and the revelation that his earliest World Cup memory was his family watching Ray Houghton’s famous winner against Italy in the Giants Stadum in 1994.

“I have always remembered that goal. It was my first World Cup moment. Never forget it.”

Wayne’s grandmother Patricia Fitzsimons was once asked if her grandson would ever have played for Ireland:

“Nah, he’s English on the outside but Irish on the inside.”

It looks like her great-grandson is now Irish on the outside too.

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