Ray Houghton

Reliving Giants Stadium

The 1994 World Cup in America was the first for Luke Constable of the brilliantly named RGSOAS (Ruud Gullit Sitting on a Shed). His native England hadn’t qualified but thanks to his Irish grandfather, Luke was rooting for the Republic. Having missed the full game with Italy, the myth around the match had grown. Houghton’s goal and McGrath’s performance became legendary as the years went on. Luke has never seen the game in its entirety…until now.

25 Years: Razor Cuts Down England

June 12, 1988, Neckarstadion, Stuggart. Ray Houghton puts the ball in the English net. We could only post Gabriel Egan’s iconic commentary.

Razor Lends Support to Junior Finalists

The FAI Junior Cup final takes place for the first time this year at the Aviva Stadium and will kick off at 1.30pm on Sunday ahead of Ireland’s friendly against Georgia. Irish football legend Ray Houghton was in Dublin to give two supporters a special surprise ahead of the weekend. The former Liverpool player, who scored that memorable goal against England at Euro ’88, made the unexpected visit to supporters of finalists Sheriff YC and Kilbarrack United.

Euro 88 – Where Are They Now?

They were the pioneers. After decades of heartache, the Republic of Ireland appeared at a major football finals for the first time in 1988. Twenty-four years on, we’re back, but many of Jack’s original Boys in Green can still be seen on our TV screens as pundits. Póg Mo Goal takes an offside look back and asks; the heroes of Euro ’88, where are they now?

Rooney for Ireland: Kai’s the Limit

We missed out on getting Wayne to declare for Ireland but we could be on to a winner with his son Kai Rooney. Wayne’s wife Colleen, who also boasts Irish ancestry, posted a picture of the little fella in an Irish kit on Twitter to wish a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Razor Says Ireland Can Cut it at Euros

Irish football legend Ray Houghton has told Irish fans to enjoy themselves when they travel to Poland for Euro 2012 this summer because Trapattoni’s charges may be involved for longer than people think.

Video: Some Ball Outa Razor

From the archives: Paul McGrath’s goal that never was against Holland at USA ’94. Super ball from Ray Houghton.

Tweet FA: The Bhoy Rooney

Wayne Rooney tweets his support for Celtic in last weekend’s Old Firm. Not surprising given his Irish background.