Tweet FA: The Bhoy Rooney

Wayne Rooney tweets his support for Celtic in last weekend’s Old Firm. Not surprising given his Irish background.

The Roonsters grandmother Patricia Fitzsimons was one of the Liverpool Irish. Economist David McWilliams once asked her if Rooney could have played for the Republic.

“Nah,” replied Patricia, “He’s English on the outside.” She paused and then looked up “but Irish on the inside.”

In fact, the Manchester United star once said his first World Cup memory was of a certain goal in the Giants Stadium, New York.

The Sun 2009 –

LET us turn back the Wayne Rooney clock. It’s June 18, 1994. He’s nine and watching the USA World Cup at home.

The Republic of Ireland are playing Italy and Ray Houghton’s superb chipped goal produces one of the shock results of the tournament.

“I have always remembered that goal,” Rooney says. “It was my first World Cup moment. Never forget it.”

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