Sepp Blatter

Dublin in Running to Finally Land Euros

The Football Association of Ireland will only have to see off six rivals in its bid to host games at the multi-nation Euro 2020 with 13 cities to be chosen from just 19 formal applications. With Scotland, Wales, and England also in the running, there’s plenty of regional competition for Dublin but the Irish are confident of success this time around despite various hurdles, including football’s usual seedy politics, scuppering us in the past.

Romario: “Blatter’s a Thieving Son of a B*tch”

Legendary Brazilian striker-turned-politician Romario has labelled FIFA President Sepp Blatter “a thieving son of a b*tch.” The outspoken congressman has been highly critical of the world governing body and the tournament organising committee in the build-up to the World Cup this summer.

World Cup Protests Spread To Dublin

Ireland’s sizable Brazilian population was out in force on Dublin’s O’Connell Street in solidarity with their countrymen. The Confederations Cup, now underway, has become a beacon for protest in Brazil among a people who see billlions spent on white elephant stadia while hospitals are overcrowded, water is cut off in schools and public transport is in chaos.

Giant Bid Gives Cause for Euro Hope

Legend says the Giants causeway was built between Ireland and Scotland so two warriors could fight one another after the Scot hurled insults in this direction. In 2008, the barbs kept coming when Ireland seemingly scuppered the chance to co-host the European Championships with our Celtic neighbour. We could do worse than rebuild those bridges now as we might just succeed this time around…if Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini allow it.