Carnival Corinthian Spirit in Flames

What happens when the Samba School associated with your football club doesn’t score so well in the annual Sao Paulo Carnival? Well, you scale the barrier, tear up the results, and set fire to parade floats as pandemonium breaks loose in Brazil.

Gavioes da Fiel is the Samba School of Corinthians FC in Sao Paulo. Each year the four day festival sees competing schools performing for votes with the results announced on Tuesday.

Just like on the football pitch, teams can be promoted and relegated with the best schools closing the following year’s festival.

Things weren’t going well for Gavioes (The Hawks), trailing in ninth place as the results were read out.

But it was a fan of the Imperio de Casa Verde school, incensed at the announcement, who scaled the barriers, grabbing the papers and ripping them apart. Chaos followed.

Fans of the Gavioes, drawn mainly from Corinthians hardcore following decided they’d heard enough too. They began pulling down fencing and invaded the Sambradrome before eventually moving onto the nearby motorway.

With the announcement incomplete and the winning school unable to perform their victory dance, the police moved in as rival fan groups then set fire to parade floats. Game over.

Ronaldo, who’s last club before retirement was Corinthians, was among the revellers at the parade in Sao Paulo.

The Gavioes school this week had promised to honour former Brazilian president and die-hard Corinthians fan Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva with its perfomance in the annaual Carnival. Lula is recovering from cancer.

Up to 3,900 members of the school took part in the parade with the theme depicting his life story and entitled “Lula, a portrait of a nation, a faithful son who does not run away from the struggle.”

The Corinthians fans didn’t run away from the struggle either but the former president won’t have been cheering on from the sidelines watching from his hospital bed.


This is what Corinthians should have been celebrating:

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