Escape to Poland, You Own It

It’s like Tommy Lee Jones’ speech in The Fugitive.  If the Polish police search every petrol station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, hen-house, outhouse or dog-house within a few miles of Poznan and Gdansk this summer they’d find  an Irish fan on the run from the doom and gloom of home to follow the Boys in Green and looking to escape day-light robbery with some of the accommodation costs during Euro 2012. Or Trap’s Army could just buy a field and pitch up.

A 1501 square-metre plot of prime Polish real-estate on the outskirts of Poznan is on sale for €21,124. With anything up to 35,000 Irish fans expected in Poland in June, a quick whip-around could mean you’re all landlords of your own patch. Unwrap that sleeping bag.

Then, like Tom Cruise in Far and Away, you can plant your Tricolour on a spot of Polish land and call it your own. Who said the Celtic Tiger is dead? The property-developer in a suit has just been replaced by a man dressed as a giant leprechaun holding an inflatable banana. Olé.

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