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When Everton decided to change their club crest ahead of the new Premier League season, they were met with a backlash from fans. Among other items,  the club motto ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ – ‘nothing but the best is good enough’ – was removed. Such was the reaction that the Goodison Park outfit took the decision to choose a new emblem in consultation with the fans. The voting process is almost at an end with the choices narrowed to three.

Over 20,000 Everton supporters as well as partners, staff, players and other interested parties have taken part in the consultation process with a final selection of three crests put to a vote. The polls closed at midnight on October 1st.

According to the club website, the majority of Toffees fans understand the need to modernise the club crest:

“But Evertonians also believe that modernisation builds on and retains the things that make the club what it is. Everton is about heritage. It is about being pioneering, about quality football and about family and community.”

“The challenge for the club crest is to represent the balance of these factors that matter so much to so many people.”

Following a petition in the wake of the redesign, what is clear is that the majority of Everton followers want the club motto and tower depiction retained.

The Latin phrase has been connected with the Merseyside club for 75 years.

“‘The Beacon’, or ‘Prince Rupert’s Tower’, has been synonymous with the Everton area since its construction in 1787. Originally used as a bridewell to incarcerate criminals, it still stands today on Everton Brow in Netherfield Road.”

The winning design will be announced on Thursday 3 October and come into being on the next edition of the Everton shirt for next season.
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