It’s Warsaw lads, not Walsall

Did you watch the Europa League final last week? Four hundred Bilbao fans didn’t. At least, not where they were supposed to. Instead of setting down in the Romanian capital Bucharest for the final, the supporters’ plane landed almost 400 miles away in Budapest, according to Spanish TV.

The Basque club supporters chartered their own flight to take 400 of them to the Europa League final but something got lost in translation and they ended up in Hungary. Trying desperately to source alternative ways to travel the 397 miles to Romania, most were resigned to finding somewhere to watch locally as their flight was returning later that night.

They weren’t the only ones to confuse the cities. The stadium announcer at the National Arena in Romania bellowed “Good evening, Budapest and welcome to the Europa League final,” to boos from from the crowd.

Double check your flights in June, lads. Walsall’s a long way from Warsaw.


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