PUMA King X Alexander McQueen


Handcrafted using the highest quality materials and with seamless attention to the original, the PUMA King by Alexander McQueen is limited to just 100 pairs. Unavailable to purchase, the boots will be gifted to select friends of the collaborating parties in recognition of 2014 in Brazil. Two styles of the boot have been made.

This latest collaboration between PUMA and Alexander McQueen pays homage to the most iconic silhouette in PUMA’s football archive whilst cementing one of PUMA’s most impressive and enduring fashion partnerships. The PUMA King by Alexander McQueen takes the craftsmanship and excellence of the Alexander McQueen brand and fuses these luxury elements with PUMA’s history and origin.

The first style is a unique Fish Skin, which has been tanned and crafted with a gold hand finish. The material recalls the Golden Boot, which is presented to the highest scoring player of the tournament. Limited to just 30 pairs worldwide this exclusive project is certain to be coveted by collectors and fans alike.

The second style is crafted from supple hand burnished Italian leather in a rich brown hue. Each of the 70 pairs evoke a premium heritage feel, which recalls football’s glorious past, and showcase the expertise and technique behind their production.

To mark the launch of the collaboration PUMA and Alexander McQueen have commissioned a short film, which illustrate the production process. Shot in Italy, the beautiful film captures the essence of the artisanal project and details everything from the molding of the last to the intricate shaping of each handcrafted stud. Each one of the 100 pairs will also come with a commemorative book, which takes an insightful look into the rich history of one of the most storied of football boots.

A book that visualises the whole process of creating the PUMA King by Alexander McQueen accompanies each pair of boots. The book also features a short history on the PUMA King.





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