Roy of the Roving Reporters: Keano Sells Soul

Roy Keane, the man who once said he’d rather sit in a dentist’s chair than on a  panel of television experts, has now completed his move to the Dark Side by signing as a newspaper columnist for Sunday paper.

While manager of Sunderland, Keano once accused Sky Sports of brainwashing viewers, revealing he turned off commentators while watching games on television.

“I was asked by ITV to do the Celtic versus Manchester United game but I’ve done it once for Sky and never again,” Keane said. “I’d rather go to the dentist.”

The Corkman was in full flow back in 2008:

“I wouldn’t trust them to walk my dog. There are ex-players and ex-referees being given air-time who I wouldn’t listen to in a pub.”

The former Irish captain also said he would only consider turning his hand at punditry if he fell on hard-times.

Since leaving the manager’s hot-seat at Ipswich, Keano has been popping up our our screens during ITV’s football coverage, and despite his earlier misgivings, he’s being doing a bloody good job. The Mayfield maestro is earning rave reviews for his forthright manner and acidic tongue.

In a recent interview, RTE’s Bill O’Herlihy revealed how he’d love to tempt Roy over to Montrose for this summer’s European Championships coverage, but with Jim Beglin set to depart ITV after the tournament, Keano looks likely to increase his profile as the newest Irish pundit on the block.

And if Roy Keane wants to change his mind, who’s going to argue with him?

He’s stepping out of the dentist’s chair to drill holes in the heads of television viewers and pour in his own brand of tell-it-as-he-sees-it opinion.

Not content to tackle us on screen, Keano has completed his transfer to the dark art of football punditry by penning a column for the Sun on Sunday.

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