Santos: I’m Sorry I Put Em Under Pressure

He was the Indonesian psychic who predicted Euro glory for Ireland. He couldn’t see past the colour green for the eventual winners. Now Santos wants to apologise to the Irish fans for adding to the pressure on the team. In the end, not even he could foresee Spain’s football from the future.

“Ireland’s performances in Euro 2012 were quite disappointing for all of us. They did not look so confident with themselves. I think it was all about the players’ mentality. They were so nervous. I could see that clearly. They played defence-orientated but did not apply quick counter attack. Maybe my prediction more or less affected them by adding to their burden in this competition. I am so sorry if that’s really what happened.

Predicting a team to be champions can affect them in two ways. First, the team can become confident to win the cup in reality. On the other hand, they will be pressurised so much that they will not play in a way they should.

In 2004, I predicted Greece to be the Euro champions and it really happened. At that time, my prediction (although it was not published) affected the team, making them more confident to compete against stronger sides. I did not pick Greece randomly without any consideration. I really did see the colour blue that year. It meant that only teams with this shade could win Euro 2004. Greece could, Italy could, other blue teams could. But I picked Greece because I wanted to see a surprise in soccer.

This year, the colour was green. So any country with green in their kit or national flag could triumph at Euro 2012. I chose Ireland instead of Portugal and Germany for the same reason. I love surprises. But this time my prediction (that was widely published) gave them such a negative effect. Ireland became the last ranking team in this cup (with zero points and only one goal) and the first team eliminated from the competition after losing to Spain.

Italy had the green colour also, though it is only on their flag. It was possible then they could become the winners and, to the surprise of many, they went all the way to the final.

Yet, Spain were overwhelmingly superior. I see many people are not cool with that. Because, you know, more people want to see a new winner, not a super-dominating defending champion. For me personally, what makes me really unhappy about that; Spain has beaten my prediction twice. First in 2008 when they became the champions instead of Portugal which I had forecast. And now in 2012 Spain ruined Ireland’s dream by defeating the Boys in Green 4-0 in the group stage.

In the next World Cup, I wanna shout loudly “Whoever please stop Spain!” And if Spain is defeated in the next Euro, I’m sure my early Euro 2016 prediction (my next project) will come true. About this prediction, it’s still a secret but I’ll reveal it soon.

In 2014 World Cup qualifying, Ireland will meet Germany, Sweden, and Austria. They will be tough opponents for them. If Ireland wants to qualify, they have to build the strategy for full-defence and quick-counter. But the first thing is to strengthen the mentality of the players. Don’t be so respectful of the opponent’s abilities and believe in your self-abilities.

My explanation seems to be illogical as it always will be. Please give my apologies to the Irish fans and also my best regards and my salute to their support for the Irish team even when The Boys in Green were not winning matches.”

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