Swedes Told ‘No’ To Aviva March

swedish fans march
A request by Swedish fans to march from Dublin city centre to the Aviva Stadium on Friday evening and perform a Tifo display in the grounds, has been turned down by the Gardai and FAI. Up to 6,000 Swedes are expected at the crunch World Cup encounter but the march, which has become a tradition on away trips, has been ruled out by the authorities while an in-stadium display has also been shot down.

A Swedish fan has pleaded with Irish supporters on the popular YBIG forum to help out, saying the planned walks have been taking place for close to a decade.

The Swedes’ meeting point ahead of Friday night’s Lansdowne Road clash is in Fleet Street in the city centre. A request to march to the Dublin 4 stadium has been denied by Gardai, for what the fan quotes: “With reference to special circumstances related to historical unrest in the country, not allowing marches in Ireland.”

As many Irish supporters pointed out, unlike many international venues, the Aviva Stadium is located close to heart of Dublin city centre and staging a march through the streets during rush hour seems unfeasible. Their Swedish counterpart replied that, in the past, marches have taken place throughout Europe in cities including Vienna, Kiev, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Berlin.

It’s likely that an impromtu parade will take place anyway but the Swedes were hoping the authorities would facilitate the event to reduce any likelihood of disruption.

A planned Tifo display in the stadium was also rejected by the FAI.

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