From 17-24 November the Goal Hanger is hosting a gallery in Angel, Islington, London featuring some of the biggest football illustrators such as David Squires and prints signed by BBC's John Motson.

Browse some original art, watch a few classic matches and sip on a beer at 1 Conduit Street, Chapel Market, Angel, Islington, N1 9EL from today until next Sunday and meet some of the exhibitors throughout the week. You can also pick up a copy of Issue 5 of Póg Mo Goal magazine.

Exhibitors include:

John Motson

The legendary commentator has told his stories behind the best goals he commentated on. Goal Hanger has designed them, he’s signed them, you can buy them.

David Squires

Football cartoonist with an unmistakable style. His cartoon strips have been published in the Guardian since 2014.

8 Bit Football

Illustrator with a strong following who bases his work on 8-Bit graphics from 90’s video games.

Alex Bennet

Creator of football mishmash; epic illustrations which track the history of clubs and football itself.

Keith Wallace

The man behind Fitba Tweets, the witty look at Scottish football and characters from this world.

Tim Godden

A unique illustrator often stretching back into vintage football history for inspiration.

Mark Johnson

Award winning designer with an iconic style, combining shirts from different eras and stages of players careers.

Karl Thyer

Illustrator focusing on Liverpool FC, with a strong following and unique style. Counting Robbie Fowler and Jamie Carragher as fans.

100% of selected prints will each go to supporting: Sporting Memories, The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation, Common Goal, The Bradley Lowery Foundation & The Chris Mitchell Foundation.

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