Top Ten: Signs You’ve Got Euro Fever

The first of Póg Mo Goal’s Euro Top Tens. What connects Eamon Dunphy, Sugar Puffs, and Ann Summers? They’re all in the Top Ten Signs You’ve Got Euro Fever.

10: You get funny looks down the pub when you tell your mates; “With the right balls, Cox will come inside and score.”




9: You’re boycotting spaghetti, pasta, pizza, Spanish omelettes, and…eh, crows (cough) until after June 14th.



8: When you wake up in a cold sweat, your missus asks “Was it Xavi and Iniesta again?” You reply “No, Giles and Dunphy.”




7: The UPS man has filed for sexual harassment since arriving at your door with match tickets.




6: You won’t let your kids eat Sugar Puffs in case anything happens Richard Dunne.




5: You haven’t been to Mass since Christmas but you’ve the Parish Priest on speed-dial saying prayers for Shay and Keano.




4: You took a pole-dancing class and asked do they know the Poznan?





3: You’ve been in Ann Summers asking for an inflatable banana.




2: When you heard on the news that Greece could be kicked out of the Euro, you thought; that’s a piss-easy group now.



And the number one sign that you’ve got Euro fever….

1:You’ve been packed since January.




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