We’re Caught in a Trap

Ireland have left the building. And we won’t be coming back unless Trap shakes, rattles and rolls the Irish squad. Like the great Elvis, who died on the toilet, Ireland’s Euro demise has left a nasty whiff in the air. RogerMilla from the YBIG forum, the Irish supporters’ site, has penned this quite brilliant version of a Presley classic . Will Trap, our King of Rock and Roll-over, pay heed? The fans have suspicious minds.

We’re caught in a Trap

We can’t get out
Or we’ll owe you too much baby

Why can’t you see?
We need 4-3-3
When you can’t change things mid game?

We can’t go on together
You’ve had your time
And we can’t build our dreams
With you running our line

So if Shay is to go
And we lose Keano
Will the young lads get a chance to show?

Here we go again
Keogh and  Green are in
You can’t see these tears are real
I’m crying (feckin crying)

We can’t go on together
Please change your style
Or we won’t see Brazil
For a long long time

Oh to let our team thrive
We need a midfield five
Please don’t put poor Coxy in
When Trap you know
He never wanted to be there mmmm, yeah

We’re stuck with the Trap
We can’t pull out
Or it will bankrupt Delaney

Why can’t he see
It’s time for McCarthy
And for Coleman and for Brady

We’re caught in a Trap
There’s no way out ,
We love Ireland too much baby

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