Wing It And Give It Sox for Ireland

Póg Mo Goal and are Going Green on November 15.

A special offer for Póg Mo Goal readers:

Wear Pride On Your Side for the Boys In Green with your very own pair of tricolour MIRRORSOX for just €4.95!

Visit or

Use the code ‘GOGREEN15’ at checkout to receive your 30% discount.


Glad you asked. MIRRORSOX are a nifty new piece of supporter’s merchandise that wrap tightly around the outer-casing of your vehicle’s wing mirrors. They provide a brilliantly unique way of sporting your national flag or team colours without impairing your view of the mirrors from the driver’s side.

MIRRORSOX came to prominence in South Africa during FIFA World Cup 2010 where it is estimated that an amazing one in three cars wore them in support of their team.

County colours are also available and Póg readers can avail of this special discount to pimp your ride for the play-off.

Give it sox.

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