Brazil vs Ireland 1982 – the Lost Footage

If you’ve been watching RTE’s Green is the Colour, you’ll have heard Chippy Brady and Eoin Hand lamenting an ill-judged trip to South America in 1982. It resulted in a record defeat to Brazil. Here’s the rare footage.

The FAI, in their wisdom, had arranged fixtures with Brazil and Argentina, who were then engaged in the Falklands War with Britain. The latter game was subsequently scrapped but not before few English clubs would release their players. A severely depleted Republic side, although including Liam Brady, suffered their biggest ever international defeat, losing 7-0 to the great Brazil side in Uberlandia.

The 1982 Brazil World Cup team included stars like Zico, Socrates and Falcao, and is regarded, not least by Brazilians themselves as one of the finest  of all time. They were defeated 3-2 in the second round by an Italian team that included Marco Tardelli in what is regarded as one of the greatest World Cup games in history.

The Irish team featured Jim McDonagh, Gerry Daly, Tony Grealish, Mick Martin, the late Eamonn “Chick” Deacy and Kevin O’Callaghan, he of Escape to Victory fame.

Chippy Brady had his revenge five years later, however, in a friendly at Lansdowne Road when Ireland beat Brazil 1-0 thanks to a strike from the Arsenal legend.

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