Coleman & Henshaw Talk Chicken Curry, Fresh Prince of Bel Air & More

Coleman and Henshaw discuss playing for Ireland, their sporting heroes, their diet and their future sporting aspirations. Speaking about the experiences that helped shape their careers Everton star, Coleman, said “Gaelic (football) training really helped me a lot when I went over first (to England). The never say die, and working your socks off for your teammates, helped me and I’m not sure about you (to Henshaw), but I’d like to go back and play sometime; maybe when I’m finished.”

It quickly emerged both players shared similar approaches to their sports, in spite of the differing cultures associated with their respective codes. On the subject of diet, Coleman was pleased to discover that his guilty pleasure of a post-game takeaway was matched by Henshaw. When pushed by Coleman,Henshaw admitted, “After a game, I’d always have a guilty pleasure of having a pizza. I’d keep it standard with a bit of chicken, onion and some sweet corn maybe.”

Giving a unique insight into the lighter side of life inside the Irish football camp, Coleman discussed the squad induction process, “It was horrible, I remember my first squad. You have to sing at dinnertime and you’re waiting for the tap on the shoulder from Robbie Keane to say you’re singing tonight. I was up in my room practicing and all sorts. I sang ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ which went down well”.