Football We Love You

Art of Football have produced their own love letter to football just in time for Valentines Day. Made up of 1600 individual hand drawings, they even managed to get Martin Tyler to commentate, and have been working on the production for around a year and a half.

Football is the language of love – and if you are like Art of Football you are fluent in it. You are devoted to your badge, your colours and your match-day rituals. That unconditional loyalty is rooted deep within you, it’s integral to the game; but it isn’t the reason you fell hopelessly, often obsessively in love with Football. It’s the the players, your childhood heroes, and the moments of magic that you never forget.

Art of Football started four years ago with the intention of paying homage to those special moments. They wanted to create artwork that gives you a lasting reminder of why you fell for the game. This film is their love letter to football.

Luke Cuthbert, Marketing Director said: “Our love story with football has been a lifetime in the making – And this animation has felt like a lifetime in the making. We set out on this project in September 2016 with the intention of releasing it in December 2017. Two Christmases, three breakdowns, and 1600 hand drawings later and we are proud (relieved) to present to you our first short-film: ‘Football, We Love You’”

The animation is completely done by hand. It was created by 23-year-old Gabe Cuthbert (Founder of Art of Football) and close friend Matt Williams (Subject Studio). The idea was to squeeze as many of their favourite moments and players into an end-to-end, high-drama sequence of play. “It’s a magnified look at all football has to offer, the ebbing flow from highs to lows; expecting the unexpected; and the eternal hope that this match is the match you have your DEENEEEEEEEEEY moment.”

“We would like to thank Martin Tyler for helping us with the commentary for the animation. His eloquence in the language of football helps bring the whole thing to life, and his kind words and clear love for the game is something that we won’t soon forget.”


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