A whole new ball game

From issue 8 of Póg Mo Goal. What Brexit and major restructuring could mean for Ireland’s emerging talent.

El Tatuaje de Dios – The Tattoo of God

Covering the war in Ukraine, two South American journalists were accused of spying for Russia until a police officer spotted a familiar face inked on the leg of the Argentinian cameraman, writes Bruno Rodrigues.

Football’s Newest Nation

The island of Bougainville, ravaged by invasion and civil war throughout its history, is scheduled to gain independence from Papua New Guinea by 2027, and with it, become football’s newest international side, writes Craig Stephen.

Rugby Football Union

From Póg Mo Goal Issue 7. One of Ireland’s most gifted rugby players also graced the pitches of the League of Ireland.

Magazine Feature: The Business of Boots

From the brand new Póg Mo Goal Issue 7. Memorable football boots from the 90s onward have spawned a growing community of enthusiasts and collectors – and some people are making a lot of money.

Póg Mo Goal Magazine Issue 7

The 7th edition of the Póg Mo Goal magazine is now available to order. With added pages Ireland’s only football magazine features excellent feature writing, beautiful photography and illustrations from contributors across the globe.

Master and the Apprentice: Messi’s First Barca Goal

While Lionel Messi rightfully claims football’s brightest spotlight today, the Argentine was waiting in the wings at the Nou Camp while Ronaldinho held centre stage. On the day it was revealed he would finally leave Barcelona, we look back at the moment he announced himself to the watching world.