You Boroughs In Green: Football in Irish-America

Ireland’s latest American adventure sees them take on Mexico this week. So, who are these supporters that continually show up in New York when the Irish arrive? What is the status of soccer in the Irish-American community? And when will we see a player born and raised in the United States line out for the Boys in Green? asks Irish New Yorker Eugene O’Driscoll.

Training Ground Invaders Part of Brazil’s Brilliant Copa

Despite the concerns over protests, this has been a wonderful World Cup so far because of the Brazilians and their love of football. It seems each day, training sessions are interrupted by pitch invaders wanting to get close to their heroes, whether it’s Lionel Messi or the Seleção and the players seem happy to oblige.

South Central: Americas Highlights

South America’s biggest club competition, the Copa Libertadores, never fails to entertain and there’s further highlights from around the region. In the best of the week’s action, Ronaldinho is showered with affection, and coins, Brazil’s champions are beaten, and there’s a belter from Mexico.

Adidas Mexico World Cup 2014 Shirt

An up close look at Mexico’s World Cup 2014 Shirt by Adidas. The German sportswear company keep churning out the quality kits in anticipation of the football feast in Brazil next year.