Neymar’s Not Feeling the Carnival Atmosphere

It’s bad enough having to suffer defeat in the Sao Paulo championship but superstar Neymar’s not happy about having to to work while all of Brazil throws a party.

Neymar’s Santos side suffered a shock 3-1 defeat to Paulista last weekend but the 21-year-old has hit out at the Sao Paulo footballing federation for scheduling fixtures during Brazil’s annual Carnival.





It’s disappointing to lose but even more so during the carnival. This is a holiday, we shouldn’t have to work

Brazil’s football players are notorious for partying hard during the festival each year. Images of the likes of Ronaldinho and Ronaldo on trips home during their time in Europe showed how the samba-loving South Americans literally let themselves go for the nationwide party.

Since hanging up his boots, that’s not something Ronaldo has to worry about anymore as he was pictured at the celebrations in Rio de Janeiro this week.


While Neymar would rather be showing his fancy footwork at Sao Paulo’s Sambodrome, authorities will be hoping to avoid a repeat of last year’s fiasco.

Carnival sees competing schools performing for votes with the results announced on the final Tuesday. So what happens when the Samba School associated with your football club doesn’t score so well? Well, you scale the barrier, tear up the results, and set fire to parade floats as pandemonium broke loose last February.

Gavioes da Fiel is the Samba School of current world club champions Corinthians FC. Just like on the football pitch, teams can be promoted and relegated with the best schools closing the following year’s festival.

Things weren’t going well for Gavioes (The Hawks), trailing in ninth place as the results were read out.

But it was a fan of the Imperio de Casa Verde school, incensed at the announcement, who scaled the barriers, grabbing the papers and ripping them apart. What followed was chaos.

Fans of the Gavioes, drawn mainly from Corinthians hardcore following decided they’d heard enough too. They began pulling down fencing and invaded the Sambradrome before eventually moving onto the nearby motorway.

With the announcement incomplete and the winning school unable to perform their victory dance, the police moved in as rival fan groups then set fire to parade floats. Game over. They take Carnival as serious as their football in Brazil.

Looking at the Premier League fixtures for March, Sunderland and Norwich’s Irish contingent might share Neymar’s pain this year as the sides clash at lunchtime on St. Patrick’s Day.

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