Paws for Thought, A Subbuteo Triggs?

Triggs subbuteo

She may be gone to that great big kennel in the sky – after all, all dogs go to heaven – but, just as her owner was immortalised in Subbuteo form, the case has been made for Triggs, Roy Keane’s loyal labrador, to be reduced to plastic miniature for posterity.

We all remember rolling out the green Subbuteo pitch, building the grandstand, fiddling with the scoreboard, and recreating football history on our tables at home. TV punditry rekindled our love for the game with their various reincarnations over the years that became more sophisticated with the advance of technology.

That sense of nostalgia that the table-top toy still brings is highlighted by the wonderful custom-made designs of Terry Lee and Subbuteo Art.

subbuteo handshakeTerry recreated the famous Keane-McCarthy handshake and last month, the Football Attic, home of football nostalgia, suggested a few more accessories.

What better to go with a rendering of Roy Keane than his most loyal companion, the late departed Triggs. It’s almost a year since we learned of the passing of Keano’s canine companion and the Football Attic feels she’s earned her place in football folklore.

“Forget host country South Korea’s extraordinary journey to the semi final. The true star of the 2002 World Cup was a bit more hairy though probably covered just as much ground.”

“Meet Triggs, the lovable labrador who shot to fame after Roy’s early exit (I’d say hissy fit, but I value my legs too much) from the Republic of Ireland’s base camp.”

Subbuteo was always about recreating classic moments from football days gone by with retro playing squads, kits, and accessories. We’ve already got Roy and Mick so why not add Triggs, the third principal character in Irish football’s most controversial story?

“Combine her with any Roy Subbuteo figure and the TV Tower and you too can recreate those hazy days 11 years ago when the world media chased a bloke and his pooch round the streets while the rest of the world wanted to watch some football… at 9 o’clock in the bloody morning”

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