AN EXTRA mid-week Spud Watch has been sanctioned by the editor, much to my chagrin as I'm usually out getting a lot of sex on Wednesday nights but I guess one night off won't hurt.


AN EXTRA mid-week Spud Watch has been sanctioned by the editor, much to my chagrin as I’m usually out getting a lot of sex on Wednesday nights but I guess one night off won’t hurt.

Col-den wonder

Seamus Coleman came on for the last 20 minutes at Goodison. Wisely, Moyes is giving him a rest given the nature of his high-octane running game. Would you want Coleman to be at any other club? Moyes is a smart man and will be integral in Seamus’ development? Scott Minto on Sky Sports says that Coleman is good, although this is not exactly praise from Caesar.

Hou are ya?

For instance would you want young Coleman at Villa where Gerard Houllier has lost the respect of his sheep in recent times – Stephen Ireland is barely getting a look in. Ciaran Clarke is playing out of position in the middle but did last the 90, as did Dickard Dunne who was awesome according to Phil Thompson on Sky, despite Villa conceding two at home. Thommo knows a good defender when he sees one and wears his heart on his sleeve; it’s just a shame he wears his d*ck on his nose.

For Rei’s not Oirish no more

Steven Reid earned a peno for West Brom by getting fouled, but I suppose he’s not really Irish any more now that he has stopped playing for us just like Tony Cascarino or Andy Townsend. I cant see either of these having a w*nk watching Tommy Walsh sticking one over for Tullaroan; we’ve all done it.


At Spurs on Tuesday – Still no sign of Robbie on the bench. I should apologise, I incorrectly stated on Saturday that Robbie had been dropped from the Spurs bench when in fact he was injured. I would like to publicly apologise to Mr. Keane and his family as I believe he was offended by my remarks and is a regular reader of Spud Watch. Only joking, Keano doesn’t read Spud Watch; most likely no one does. I am sorry though Robbie if you do read Spud Watch. We do try to be as fair as possible except when it comes to Paul McShane. He should be the bigger man now and retire from the international set-up; a joke is a joke.

Speaking of the bigger man, Andy Reid will be back for Sunderland soon. I’m not really sure why he went to Sheffield United of all places. Apparently it’s only until the end of November and if its to get game-time, and get fit, then it’s not working because he hasn’t completed a game for them. I think its time to sack his agent Lionel Hutz.

At Chelsea

Duff looked lively for Fulham back at Chelsea. Returned to the left wing and playing the full game, he suffered with cramp late on. Stephen Kelly also played the full 90. This Norway game is coming at a good time for Duff who will, for once, benefit from a friendly. It’s hard to believe that it was about this time eight years ago, give or take a couple of months, that Duff lit up Lansdowne with arguably the greatest ever showing by an Irish winger, against Denmark. Anyone who was there that night will remember it well. He turned the fullback inside out as Ireland won 3-0 and then Duff returned, crocked, to an angry Souness. Gary Doherty was also playing that night. A year or so later Duff went to Chelsea for a small fortune. A year later Gary Doherty discovered that, not only was he a sh*t striker, but that he was also a sh*t centre half as well. Good times.


The www here standing for Whelan, Walters and Wilson on the Stoke bench.. I’m proud of that one. They did all get introduced as subs later on. As did Keith Fahey who scored soon after. Corkman Colin Doyle was sub goalie for Birmingham and Stephen Carr was as impressive as ever. There’s more chance of The Sawdoctors making a Hip Hop album than this man playing for us again.

At Wolves

Kevin Doyle did everything but score against an inspired piss-Flap-ianski and was awesome according to Scott Minto. Arsenal had two shots on goal and scored them both. Another mention to Stephen Ward here – Mick McCarthy singled him and Doyle out for praise afterwards. We are not blessed with great players right now but surely its plain as day that Ward should be in the Irish squad. There was a time I wasn’t able to differentiate between Ward and Foley but this year I have seen a notable improvement in both. With Stephen Carr retired and Kilbane and McShane clinically dead, I’m not asking for a whole lot Trap. Can’t you draft him in for the coming friendly? For me? Trap? Its not like I’m asking for a go on Manuela the interpreter, though I did cancel date-night to write this shite so if you could swing that, I won’t say no.

Also at Wolves, Stephen Hunt played his part, coming on earlier than planned because of the Arsenal goal in the first minute. I believe Hunt has played his way into the first eleven and will start the next game as he linked up excellently with Doyle throughout, which is good for club and country. Kevin Foley was also impressive. Wolves will not be relegated and have been unfortunate to be playing the top five sides practically back to back. I have a soft spot for Mick McCarthy now and its imperative for Ireland that his team do well. If I were a betting man I’d say they’ll finish 16th. If I was Keith Gillespie I’d put 25,000K on them winning the league.

Sheasy got on eventually in the Manc derby, this really was mank. He’s never really held down a solid position for United, bar that barn-storming left back role he had in 2002. And again tonight it was a bit lousy that he’s behind Raphael and Wes Brown in the pecking order.

Darron Gibson sat his little heart out in the stand. He’s behind the girls team in the pecking order at this stage. There’s an awful smell of Middlesbrough off him.

Everywhere else

Ipswich lost to Derby. Thankfully Green didn’t score.  Another solid show for St Ledger. His Preston defence let in two and lost at home. That must have added another 6 million to his value. Hunt scored for Reading and Shane Long didn’t, again.

No goals for Tony “Thanks for the call up Trap ya b*llocks” Stokes. Celtic and Rangers both lost in the league which hasn’t happened since Rab C Nesbitt was cancelled. I think we’re done here.

On the Irish iPods this Wednesday night:

Andy Reid

The Weight – The Band

Sean St. Ledger

You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

Darren Gibson

Mama told me not to come – 3 Dog Night

Seamus Coleman

Young Hearts Run Free – Candi Staton

Other players iPods this Wednesday night:

Arsene Wenger

Ca plane pour moi – Plastic Bertrand

Je t’aime(Fabregas) – Serge Gainsberg

Andy Goram

2 of Us – The Beatles