“Suits You Sir, Keith’s Our Stylish Midfielder”

So now we know why the FAI chose an English company to provide the official Euro 2012 squad attire. It seems our own Keith Andrews is the suit behind the suits.

Irish international Keith was featured on a Sky Sports News report along with fellow footballer Jason Roberts at the launch of Chess London Menswear this week, the company surprisingly picked by the FAI to provide the official suits for the Euro 2012 travelling party.

It seems Mr. Keith Andrews happens to be registered as a director of the company.

Chess London  was created in 2010 and officially launched this week. So if we buy some of Keith’s kit, we’re living up to the reputation of the Chess London man who “doesn’t wear clothes that speak for him, but clothes that speak about him, his life, and his future.

Put simply, the Chess London Man is whom other men want to be and women want to be with.”

So Keith’s a kind of Irish James Bond then. Sometimes shaken, sometimes stirrred, but ready to fly around eastern Europe this summer looking to score.

The bash was also attended by none other than man-about-London Town, Damien Duff.


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