Day: January 6, 2011

Good On Paper: No Treat for Granny in this Selection Box

HOW about this for a starting eleven?
Gomes; Johnson, Squillaci, Stearman, Ilunga; Ireland, Cattermole, J Cole; Balotelli, Torres, Saha.
Stephen Ireland takes his place amongst a line-up of Premier League stars….except they’ve been voted the worst players in the division so far.

Pool of Doubt for Woy and Reds Fans

IT’S been a frustrating season for Liverpool. With new owners, and a manager moving perilously close to the edge, supporters of the Merseyside outfit are not quite sure what lies ahead, as Póg Mo Goal ponders….

Spud Watch – The Irish Abroad 14.12.10

I FEEL sad my friends. I feel very sad. I can’t shake this melancholy. Another pitiful weekend for our lads over in foreign. There is going to be a serious amount of Irish players moving in the January transfer window, the type of movement not seen since the time I licked a raw chicken fillet when I was 5 years old.

The Bacon Slicer: The Things I Love About Football

TONIGHT Matthew I am going to be writing about football. Chances are that if you are one of the five people who will read this piece (and yes I am bitter considering I am spending my Friday night writing this when I could be drinking tea and swooning over the Take That lads on The Late Late with Kilkenny hurler Brian Hogan-look-a-like Ryan Tubridy), then you love football too. My own girlfriend won’t even read it – subtle way of slipping in that I have a girlfriend!

The Chants Goes Abegging

PAYING homage to the X-Factor final this weekend, here’s the efforts of some of England’s finest football choirs.

Spud Watch – The Irish Abroad 07.12.10

SPUD Watch is really going down the tubes as there is not a whole lot to be watching right now. An aberrant weekly “No Sex in the City“ column might be the way forward which would be equally barren, sadly.