"Una Cancha Llamada Medellín" - Football as memory, art and social transformation in Colombia.

“Una Cancha Llamada Medellín”, A court called Medellín” is an artistic and documentary project by Colombian artist Oscar Cardona Álvarez, which shows how football is played in every corner of a city that resists being defeated by violence and that through sports and social processes becomes an expression of life and resilience.

This project was the winner of a call for art and culture submissions by the Mayor of Medellín in 2019. Today it is an initiative with great impact not only artistic but social, a project developed in black and white. “It is a conceptual position that refers to equity, it is to show the integrating power of soccer in the communities, showing that we are all equal” says Cardona mentions. 

“Una Cancha Llamada Medellín” also resulted in a television series that was broadcast in Colombia, resulting in 21 short chapters showing the different social processes that occur in the communities of the city through the football.

As part of the growth of “Una Cancha”, Oscar and his camera will begin a journey through the 32 departments of the country, showing how soccer is an axis of social transformation in every corner of Colombia.

To learn more about this project, visit www.unacancha.com or follow on Instagram: @unacancha