From the very first three lions crudely sewn onto the woollen shirts worn by the England players for the world’s first football international in 1872, to todays multi-million pound brands, The Beautiful Badge brings alive a history of the game like never before.

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The Beautiful Badge is the first ever published indepth study of football club badges. The brainchild of designer and creative director, Martyn Routledge, working with his long time collaborator Elspeth Wills the book explores how the badges came about, who created them, what they mean, and how they can inspire devotion or dissent from fans all over the world.

90 clubs of all levels from local non-league clubs to the current Premier League champions, have actively taken part in this diverse, inclusive, and unique project. The National Football Museum, Scottish Football Museum, National Football Collection, National Football Shirt Collection, club historians, world-renowned design agencies, sports photographers, supporters groups from around the world, and scores of private collectors and interested individuals have also contributed.

The book is richly illustrated using specially commissioned of some of the most historically important shirts, alongside badge artwork provided by the clubs themselves, as well as other imagery that helps give a broader cultural and histoical context of the badges.

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