Crest Love

Crest Love: #17 – Pumas UNAM

Crest Love takes a look at the story of one of World Football’s most unique jerseys and the crest that adorns it. Pumas Unam from Mexico City.

Crest Love: #13 – Wolves

One of the founding members of the football league in 1888, Wolverhampton Wanderers are the latest edition in our Crest Love series

Crest Love: #7 – Sheffield Wednesday

One of the oldest clubs in world football, the third oldest in the English game, Sheffield Wednesday from South Yorkshire are the next focus of Póg Mo Goal’s Crest Love series.

Crest Love: #6 – Panathinaikos

One of the oldest and most successful clubs in Greek football, Panathinaikos have won 20 national championships and 17 Greek Cups. There are differing reports as to why Panathinaikos wear the shamrock on their crest with most football fans here hoping for some kind of connection to Ireland.